OLYA ZARAPINA is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and artist who lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
For more information email at zarapina.at.gmail.com


My artistic approach is situated in what is best described as expanded photography and is influenced by studies of urbanism, architecture, creative geography and experimental cinema. This interdisciplinarity allows me to explore the influence of time, memory, and nostalgia on our perception of our immediate surroundings, particularly our neighbourhoods and cities. 

In my practice, I look at the relationships between people and their living environments; at the consequence of our increasingly transient lifestyles; the ramifications of rapidly accelerating socio-geographic transformations of urban centers; and at what influences our concept of home, of belonging to one place over another. I believe the common factor in all of these questions is the sense of time, a concept that is also often resistant to documentation.   

Formally, my in-situ photo-filmic installations are heavily rooted in history of photography, a medium popularized for its immediacy and objectivity. However, in my work I circumvent the pseudo-scientific documentary presumptions, and use photographic techniques to document something as fluid and ephemeral as passage of time and its impact on experience of space.

One of the cornerstones of my artistic practice has been the use of antiquated and amateur technologies, often expanded beyond their original uses. In an effort to evoke a sense of nostalgia that is often at the root of spatial attachments, I use analogue photographic processes as a reminder of the communal viewing experience often accompanied by plurality of narratives and memories. Overall, in my work I aim to create a sense of familiarity for the viewer, regardless of whether the they have personal knowledge of the projected space. 

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